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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

IPS Get Ready for Pump Centre Conference 2018

Following our successful attendance at the Pump Centre Conference in 2017 IPS Flow Systems based in County Durham have been preparing to return in 2018 to share details on the KESSEL range of market leading lifting stations, hybrid stations and back water protection valves.

For three years IPS systems have been an official export partner of KESSEL AG and are sole distributors in the UK & Ireland.

You can prevent this!

Come and See IPS & Kessel at the Pump Centre Conference

With the frequency of heavy rain only likely to increase, flood prevention should be high on everyone's agenda. In the UK it rains A LOT, and heavy down pours can leave homes and premises vulnerable to floods and flood damage. KESSEL pumping stations are designed to STOP sewer water returning into the building through the sewerage system. The technology in the stations closely monitors flow so that back flow cannot occur.

KESSEL drainage systems offer cost effective, energy saving reliable flood protection for your property.

Our core stock levels allow us to offer next day delivery service nationwide and we have developed a network of service partners throughout the UK. Our National Product Manager, Dave Whalley will be joined at this years event by Alan Sowerby and they are hoping to see visitors 'flooding' to our stand, where they can learn more about technical specification, IPS first class service and KESSEL accredited training.

To register for the event please CLICK HERE to be taken straight to the registration form.

See you there on stand A21.

3rd May 2018 at the International Centre, Telford.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Sprinklers and Tower Blocks. A Time to Talk. A Time to Act.

Fire broke out on the 14th of June 2017 at the 24-storey Grenfell Tower block of public housing flats in North Kensington. 71 died. 70 more were injured.

Big picture discussions about what should have been done in the past and what to do in the future make the headlines. The public, quite rightly, want to get past the reviews and the unpicking as quickly as possible. They want action. This should never have happened and this must never happen again.

Here at IPS we think similarly. Whilst we won’t get into any political aspect of this occurrence on this forum, we will agree wholeheartedly that this must not happen again. However we are keen to highlight that the governments headline regarding the legislative changes they are about to impose – that retro fitting sprinklers to all UK high-rise flats is to be compulsory – is not the whole story.

Just as important as what needs to be done – is how.

Measure twice. Cut once.

Box-ticking can be deadly. Not all cladding is the same. This is clear. And the same goes for sprinkler systems. The careful prescription of the right kind of system requires discussion block-by-block. There is no one size fits all. We should know – we’ve been providing installer training and parts for 20 years.

It is important to point out at this juncture that this blog story is not a marketing piece. IPS does not fit sprinkler systems. But we do have a view on how the decisions are made as to which sprinkler systems are installed.

It’s hard when new legislation shifts a default position. Because whoever is overseeing will, and we understand this to a degree, look for an approach that is fast and all encompassing. All we are encouraging is a little discussion, by whoever is commissioning with those that know, about the best systems for each individual dwelling.

The most cost effective. The least disruptive to install. Lightweight making them easy to handle during transportation and installation. Accepted by all leading insurers. These are important. But so too are effective performance. How long the systems last. Failure rates. Safety issues.

It feels strange writing like this. Worrying that specification will not be correct. Worrying that lives will be put at risk in this area or any area like this. However history tells us that, sadly, shortcuts are taken.

If any specifiers or installers would like to chat to us impartially to explore how to get this right – please call our Freephone number on 0800 975 7971.

Saturday, 24 March 2018

IPS - Welding Technology for Plastics

SP 110-S V3 - A World Debut!

AGRU have once again set the standards for Infra-Red (IR) welding technology with the introduction of the SP 110-S V3; suitable for all AGRU pipe components between 20mm and 110mm OD.  IPS has taken possession of two new units to compliment our extensive range of welding equipment - Ask Us for a Demonstration

It's In The Box !

The SP 110-S V3 is the perfect welding machine for the following applications:
  • Semiconductor Industry
  • Water treatment
  • Industrial Applications
  • Chemical Industry
  • Hospitals and Laboratories
  • Food & Beverage
  • Dairy Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry

Suitable for  ALL AGRU Piping Systems

PE 100-RC, PP-H, PP-R, PP-Pure, Polypure, PVDF, PVDF-UHP, ECTFE, PFA, Poly-Flo, HV-liner piping system


Excellent weld quality with 100% repeatability

Agru have more than 20 years experience in infrared welding technology

Machine and accessories in a compact box with everything close at hand.

Fully Automated Welding Process

RFID data input allows system access and welder identification; with pre-programmed welding parameters the SP 110-S V3 offers complete control of the welding process. 

SP 110-S V3 - Safe & Secure
The new unit comes with a large touchscreen display with 3D animations that guide you through the welding process

Large Display with 3D Menu
Perfect Welds


All welding parameters are predefined by AGRU, such as temperature, pressure and time are controlled and constantly monitored and logged dependant on ambient temperature.  QA/QC guidelines for evaluating welds and precise bead measurement using the integrated calliper guarantee excellent and reliable weld quality.

For further information on the SP 110-S V3 please contact our Sales Office

Or visit our website
 and book a demo   

Sunday, 18 March 2018

IPS - Focus on Agru Semi-Finished Products

Worldwide competence in plastics

AGRU is renowned throughout the world for the production of high quality thermoplastic polymer products, which includes an extensive range of semi-finished products manufactured from PP, PP-s, PP-s-el, PP-B 2222, PP Foamed, PE100, PE100-RC,

Sheets, round bars and welding rods are produced on the worlds most modern production lines.

Universal Scope of Application

AGRU semi-finished products are an excellent, durable solution for the Chemical, Industrial & Utilities sector, where there are a variety of requirements:
  • Tank Construction
  • Finished Parts
  • Plant Construction
  • Lining Materials

In 2016  Agru started to integrate their new “fluoropolymer products” into their semi-finished product sector.  These 'new' products supplemented the existing product range perfectly.

As a result AGRU is now able to provide semi-finished products made from PVDF, ECTFE; FEP and PFA.  Semi-finished thermoplastic products made by AGRU from fluoropolymers show excellent resistance against a wide range of chemicals.

Increased life expectancy and extended maintenance intervals lead to reduced life cycle costs. In particular PFA allows solutions in the temperature range from -200 °C to +260 °C. Consistently high quality ensures the reliability and durability of all components.

For more information on the range of AGRU semi-finished products available from IPS Flow Systems, or to book a product seminar using our Demo Van use the link to our website or call our sales office on 0191 5213111.

IPS Continues to Strengthen its Internal Sales Team

IPS was delighted to welcome Alan Sowerby to its internal sales team last week.  Alan who is married with three children, lives in Sunderland and enjoys music and sport with all of the family.

He has over 15 years experience within the plumbing merchant sector and joins us at an exciting time as we continue to develop our Kessel drainage and RM Pressfit ranges. 

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

IPS Flow Systems and the Power of Saying No.

This short blog is prompted by something we have been pondering recently. It's how we've made decisions as we have grown.

It’s to do with the things we said yes to. And the things we said no to.

Growth is Good. But Choosing How to Grow is Key.

Over our 25 years, IPS has been faced with many brilliant opportunities. New suppliers, new markets, new products, new people and new ways of working. Our business is an adventure. We love what we do and we look to improve every single day. But we only say ‘yes’ to things that support what we were born to do.

IPS Flow Systems was born to satisfy any organisation's mission-critical fluid handling, management and media movement requirements. Nothing more, nothing less.

So we say ‘yes’ to innovation aligned to this goal. We say yes to suppliers that care about the quest for perfection in this specialist area as much we do. And we say yes to experts that want to work with and for us that are likewise obsessed by our mission.

But we are defined just as vividly by that which we say no to.

The Power of Saying No.

IPS Flow Systems can expertly diagnose need and prescribe piping, systems, products, technical support, training for installers, flowmeters, fixings and supports, hand tools and welding equipment and more – all in the specialist area of fluid handling. We have never diversified.

For years we have said no to wonderfully innovative ideas and products that sit outside of our specialist areas. Some of them may have been extremely profitable in the short term. But they would have diluted our focus in our specialist area in the long term. The result? We know what we're doing because we do what we know. We worry when an organisation broadens it’s focus. We worry because we don’t know what it’s best at. We don't know it’s first love. We worry that it’s customers in one area are not getting the quality that they are in another.

So if you want innovation and expertise born from time-proven loyalty in just one specialist area, IPS Flow Systems – it’s a yes from us (and you too).

Monday, 15 January 2018

The Benefits of Fire Sprinklers

There are so many benefits to having a fire sprinkler system fitted. The most beneficial has to be the life saving benefit. This blog article provides the many benefits of having fire sprinklers installed in your home or property.

Think of fire sprinklers as the equivalent to having a firefighter ready, primed and waiting in every room of your property.

Not only do fire sprinkler systems provide a very high level of protection there are a number of areas in which their cost of installation can be mitigated.

Here are just some of the benefits of installing fire sprinklers in your home or property.

Always on protection
Fire sprinklers operate 24/7 giving you complete and total peace of mind.

Sprinklers save lives
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has no record of more than two deaths in a fire when the building had a functional sprinkler system in place.

Reduce fire damage
They offer a reduction in fire damage - fire sprinkler systems can contain and extinguish a fire in less time than it may take the Fire and Rescue Service to attend the fire. There is also reduced heat and smoke damage when the fire is extinguished at an early stage.

Reduce property damage
They stop fires before they damage the property - fire sprinklers are primarily designed to save lives, but because they control fires so quickly they also significantly reduce damage to properties.

Reduce business downtime
They assist business continuity - a fire sprinkler system ensures a faster return to business following a fire.

Provide fast reaction
The fire is controlled quickly - sprinkler system in around 2 minutes, Fire and Rescue Service attendance up to 8 minutes. Plus fires in buildings with sprinkler systems have usually been suppressed before the firemen arrive.

Offer the best protection
Fire sprinklers are proven to be more effective at protecting buildings than fire extinguishers and smoke alarms. Sprinklers don’t rely on people being on-hand to operate fire extinguishers or knowing what to do; people can focus on evacuating the building while the fire is automatically supressed and ultimately extinguished.

Reduce insurance premiums
Buildings protected by a fire sprinkler system are safer. Sprinkler controlled fires are less damaging than fires in non-sprinklered buildings. This usually results in insurance underwriters offering a reduced premium for properties protected by sprinklers.

Sprinkler heads can be powder coated to blend in with your building’s colour scheme so that they are almost unnoticeable until they are needed.

Eco friendly
Fire sprinkler systems use less water (some 400x less) than fire and rescue services.

Relatively inexpensive
Especially if you use a CPVC fire sprinkler system. These systems are affordable, quick to install, and offer low downtime whilst being fitted.

Low maintenance
Once installed, fire sprinkler systems are actually relatively low maintenance. They only require inspections on an annual basis. Plus the industry claims a service life of around 40 years, but it is well known that there are many sprinkler systems from the 1930s which are still operational.

If you own or operate a commercial building, then the safety of the property and its occupants is of paramount importance. When you consider that there are over 100 commercial building fires in the UK every single day, getting appropriate fire protection systems in place before the worst happens is an essential.

Yet despite all of the above benefits, a recent survey of over 100 businesses revealed that only 35% had any kind of fire prevention plan. Too many business owners overlook the importance of a sprinkler system and go without.

You can read more about the IPS Flow Systems CPVC fire sprinkler piping range here.

Have a question? Call our FREEPHONE number 0800 975 7971.