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Friday, 21 September 2018

IPS - Graze and Raise in Aid of Alzheimers

Today saw staff at IPS Flow Systems hold a Graze & Raise Coffee Morning (well actually, day, given the amount of food brought in!) in aid of the Alzheimer's Society.

Thanks to all those who baked and ate, together we raised £170 which will be added to money collect from other events during the year and we'll announce our grand total at the end of the year.

After all of that food, its a good job a number of us are off to walk around Buttermere tomorrow!

Thursday, 13 September 2018

IPS – Our Company’s Company – A Closer Look

Some say that a man is judged by the company he keeps.

Well, just for the record, here at IPS we're totally comfortable being judged by the company we keep. Especially when we count companies like AGRU amongst our friends.

AGRU is one of the world’s most significant suppliers of plastic piping systems. And we’re proud to have them as our supplier.

Three Out Of Three Aint Bad… It’s Perfect!

AGRU have been around for 70 years.

And since 2010 AGRU have been producing large diameter pipes using their own extrusion technology. This new technology, developed by AGRU’s in-house experts enables them to achieve the ‘holy trinity’ of pipe creation – and to virtually any size.

The three most important parts of the pipe manufacturing process, at a product level, are:

  • The creation of ultra smooth inside and outside surfaces
  • High roundness of the pipe itself
  • Uniform wall thickness on the pipe circumference
Getting all three right is hard! Unless you’re AGRU of course. Then it’s built into every job, every day, every time.

We’re proud to be working with AGRU. If you’d like to find out more about the exceptional capabilities of AGRU or indeed any of our exceptional portfolio of suppliers here at IPS, please give us a call on Freephone 0800 975 7971.

Ask anything! We love a challenge.

PS. Look out for more "IPS – Our Company’s Company – A Closer Look" stories in the future.

Monday, 16 July 2018

KESSEL Grease Separators - underground and overground

Just like the wombles (if you're under 40 you probably won't know who the wombles are!) at IPS we stock KESSEL Grease Separators suitable for both underground and overground applications.

Above Ground Kessel Grease Separators


  • Polypropylene Monolithic construction
  • SBEN 1825
  • Sonic level control system
  • NS2 to NS10 packages
  • Bespoke design system
  • Sampling chambers, NS15 to NS30, telemetry and remote control available
  • Product selection and system design assistance


  • Easy clean: basic and standard
  • Easy clean: mix and auto mix
  • Easy clean: mix and pump
  • Easy clean: auto mix and pump

Under Ground Kessel Grease Separators


Euro Basic: NS7 to NS35
Euro G: NS1 to NS4
Euro PV&S: (Auto mix and pump) NS1 to NS10

All available with Class B or D covers and options of sample chamber, sonic level control and telemetry.

Monday, 9 July 2018

World Cup 2018 Raffle

There's A Surprise, Just Click and See

Congratulations to the England football team on reaching the semi-final stage of the World Cup 2018 and let’s hope we can carry on right through to the final and bring the trophy home for the first time since 1966. 

Anyhow, it’s fantastic that the whole country is buzzing with excitement and we’d like to keep the momentum going by raising a few pounds for our chosen charity, the Alzheimer’s Society.

During the course of 2018 we’ve been holding a number of different fund raising events including a marathon bicycle ride and we’re also planning a walk in Lake District later in the year.

We have two official Adidas Telstar 2018 replica World Cup footballs which would normally retail at around £130 each but we’re giving them away free to two lucky customers!

We will donate £1 to our charity fund for every single order received during the course of July, regardless of order value, size or volume etc.  Therefore, every order placed will be eligible for a raffle ticket and the draw will be made at the end of the month.

With a little bit of luck and a fair wind, this should see us reach a nice tidy sum and the winners will be announced together with the total raised on 1 August 2018.

If you would also like to make donation to this worthy cause then please email to or call us directly on +44 (0)191 5213111. 

Thanks in advance to all our wonderful customers and suppliers and apologies for our MD’s singing – it’s a good job he knows a little bit about plastic piping systems....!! 

Monday, 18 June 2018

We're on our way

We at IPS are so proud of our very own Sales Development Director Andrew Lamb enroute to completing his seventh, yes SEVENTH, Vatternrundan.

The Vatternrundan is the world’s largest recreational bike ride spanning 300km around the lake Vattern in Sweden.

This year Andrew was accompanied by his good friend and cycling buddy Alan Moutter, in this gruelling task.

Andrew and Alan have put their bodies on the line for this bike ride to support a very worthy charity, the Alzheimer Society.
The Alzheimer Society are transforming the landscape of dementia forever, creating a society where those effected by this dreadful disease are supported and accepted.

We are sure that we can all agree that the exhausting task is difficult enough but when you think how small their legs are it becomes even more demanding!

With this in mind they have set up a Just Giving page for friends, colleagues and supporters to help them achieve a great total for the charity. The Just Giving can be found at the following link

Please remember that every little helps, so if you can donate however large or small it will make a difference to a sufferers life, their family’s life or their carers life.

Thank you.

Saturday, 26 May 2018

IPS Handbook - The wait is over & we've made a video to shout about it!

Now Watch the Video 

Well, it's here - the latest IPS Handbook (Edition 18) containing more than 500 pages and featuring many new, innovative, and exclusive ranges from our global manufacturing partners will be dropping on desks around the UK from next week.

So what’s new I hear you ask? Well, just for starters, we now show the following products:-

AGRU PE100-RC (Crack Resistant) Polyethylene material now readily available in Pipes, Fittings, and Semi-Finished Products.

Kessel Hybrid Drainage Systems, Lifting & Pumping Stations, Grease & Oil Separators together with VIPSeal™ Flexible Couplings and Buffalo Non-Return Valve.

RM Press-Fit Metallic Piping Systems in Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, and Copper with the Stainless Steel system now available up to 6” (168.3mm) diameter.

SAFI 2-Piece Flanged Ball Valves in GRP, PVDF, and Anti-Static PP.

Praher WRAS Approved M1 Ball Valve in PVC, PP, and PVDF as well as the new Lugged Butterfly Valve in PVC with PVC or PP Disc.

Technoshield® Flange Guards in PTFE, Polyethylene, and Polypropylene (Page 252).

As well as all the new products we still have our traditional range of thermoplastic piping systems from world leading manufacturing companies such as Spears Manufacturing Company, ASV Stubbe, Durapipe, Van de Lande, Serto, and Egli Fischer to name but a few.

If you have already asked for a copy watch out for it !  If you would like to receive additional copies for your any of your colleagues then just call our Sales Office on 0191 5213111 or alternatively email to

Can you afford to miss out!