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Monday, 16 December 2013

Factory Mutual (FM) Approved Polyethylene Piping

Factor Mutual (FM) Approval is a internationally acknowledged third-party certification which approves products that have been rigorously tested and have be found to have high loss prevention standards.

The FM approval means that the pipes and fittings correspond to the highest requirements – ensuring consistent quality of the product range - achieved by means of a third party audit undertaken by FM.

AGRU – Frank was the first European manufacturer to achieve FM Approval for High Density Polyethylene (PE100) pipes and fittings for the underground fire protection service. 

PE100 piping is ideal for buried applications. It is very ductile and will withstand very unfavourable ground conditions. Additionaly PE100 is easy to install using a simple butt fusion or electro-fusion welding methods.

It is common for industrial and automotive groups to require FM approval for infrastructure piping systems within their factories. This need can now be satisfied with a comprehensive range of AGRU PE100 approved pipes and fittings. The FM approval has been issued for the dimension range 63mm to 400mm, and it includes a wide range of fittings. And the system is approved for use up to a service pressure of 12 bar.

IPS stock the complete range of FM approved AGRU piping systems together with documentation, as well as welding equipment for butt or electro fusion jointing.

If you require welder training, we are also able to provide this on request.

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