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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Reed Tools - Special December Promotion

Regardless of your choice of thermoplastic piping materials, installation time and efficiency is greatly improved by using the correct tools for the job. Here at IPS Flow Systems we offer a fantastic range of pipe cutters, bevellers and deburring tools together with pipe stands, chain vices, saws and strap wrenches - all as manufactured by Reed Tools Inc. of Erie, PA. During the month of December 2015 and in conjunction with Reed Tools, we are offering a special 50% discount against all new orders. Place your order now for huge savings and please note this offer will end on 31st December 2015 so once they're gone, they're gone....!!
To make sure you don't miss out on this special offer please call our sales office now on +44 191 521311 or alternatively email to

Friday, 21 November 2014

AGRU SP110S IR Fusion Welding Equipment

The Agru SP110S machine is the very latest in High Purity welding technology and will fusion weld pipes,fittings, and valves in PVDF, PP, PFA, and ECTFE. The infra red welding process is fully controlled ensuring consistency and traceability for every single joint. Computer controlled, the operator simply follows the on-screen instructions and the machine takes care of the heat soak time, joining pressure, and cooling process. On completion of the welding process, the machine then prints up to 3 labels for attachment to the joint, drawing, or project log.
These machines are available from stock for weekly hire or purchase outright and we also offer free of charge training in our dedicated training room at Seaham, at our customers premises or on site. For further information please contact our Sales Office on +44 191 5213111 or email to

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Visit to GPA Flowsystem AB in Sweden

We spent a very productive couple of days last week with our sister company GPA Flowsystem AB in Hjarnarp near Helsinborg. As well as being able to visit a beautiful part of the world, it was also a fantastic opportunity to share new ideas and discuss some new products and markets - it's fair to say we have returned with some great ideas for 2015!
IPS and GPA also share many key global suppliers such as Agru, ASV Stubbe, Reed Tools, Serto, and Spears Manufacturing Company to name but a few. The challenge is to find new and innovative products to add to our current stock portfolio and hopefully we will have some exciting announcements to make in early 2015.