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Friday, 5 August 2016

Agru Coolsafe

Providing insulation to piping installations is an expensive and time consuming process, particularly on larger diameter pipes.

AGRU Coolsafe is a double containment pipe and fitting system made from high grade PE 100 material with a factory installed insulation foam between the inner and outer pipes. This means that the insulation is protected from both UV degradation and impact damage from operational processes. Due to the low weight and well known welding method of simultaneous Butt Welding, installation is simple with relatively short installation times.                                             
The main applications are secondary cooling systems in food and beverage production, cold stores, commercial refrigeration, ice rinks, cooling applications in commercial buildings, and data storage. In all these applications, reliable and leak proof systems are essential, therefore using proven material and welding technology gives total peace of mind.

AGRU Coolsafe can be used in application down to -30 °C and is available in sizes 90/32 up to 355/250 with Tees, 90° and 45° Bends and Reducers also available fully insulated.

For further details on AGRU Coolsafe or any other AGRU products, please contact the sales team.

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