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Monday, 12 December 2016

KESSEL SmartSelect - Product selection with the golden touch!

What is SmartSelect?
SmartSelect is your tool for the professional specification of lifting stations, grease separators and floor drains. Discover the added value of this free of charge specification tool at

Three systems, specification made easy. 

Designed for efficiency 
When KESSEL developed SmartSelect they asked themselves, what does specification software need to offer, in order to easily support the specifying engineer on a day to day basis. The result is:

How it works:
Here is a brief description of the basic SmartSelect functions. While using SmartSelect, helpful 'hint' boxes automatically open to guide you through the specification process.

  • Choose between the SmartSelect specification program for lifting stations, grease separators or floor drains.
  • Choice of languages available.
  • Clear step by step questions with illustrations guide you through all the required inputs for your specific project.
  • The help function describes the current specification step and delivers valuable information.
  • Information for your project is entered in multiple steps, beginning with the number of drainage fixtures in a building and ending with the type of fittings and pressure pipe used.
  • The navigation menu allows you to jump directly to the desired specification step.
  • File and track all of your projects electronically.
For more information and assistance on KESSEL SmartSelect please visit or contact our sales office on 0191 521 3111.

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