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Friday, 23 November 2018

Black 0r Purple Friday - YOU DECIDE!

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Well, the IPS take on Black Friday is upon us!  We've blogged, tweeted & re-tweeted, mailed and telephoned all of this week to make sure that as many people know of the great deals available on our range of Kessel Staufix NRV, Drehfix & Universal Drains.

Also featuring.....

The Buffalo Push Fit NRV...…

Our sales team are waiting to hear from you, or you might just hear from them!

Thursday, 22 November 2018

It's PURPLE EVE ! (1 day to go till the IPS Black Friday Event).

Remember winter is coming and if the weather office is correct, we might be in for a rough time!

We at IPS want you to be ready to service your customer needs this winter, so we are offering some fantastic deals on the Kessel Staufix NRV, Drehfix & Universal Drains.

Our sales team are waiting to hear from you!

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Purple is the New Black - Find Out More

Well its out!  This years #Black Friday is going to be different - Why ?

Because IPS are changing it to PURPLE

We've Tweeted, blogged and mailed, only two days to go for some great deals on some great products!

Thursday, 15 November 2018

IPS Flow Systems Limited have successfully achieved BAFSA Course Accreditation in respect of their CPVC training for fire sprinkler installers. 
Ruth Oliver (BAFSA) & Paul Wright (IPS) 
Paul Wright, Business Development Manager received the award at the recent BAFSA 2018 Conference, attended by Kevin Curran, Managing Director, IPS Flow systems.

Accreditation stands as a mark of quality for the training that businesses have already put in place. 
But what benefits does this mark of quality really bring?

As well as being an investment for the organisation itself, and its employees, accreditation is also viewed as a prerequisite to success. High quality training becomes a vital component of an organisation’s consistency towards working standards and practices. Course Accreditation is the formal recognition that ensures training is meeting the appropriate criteria for best practice and that it meets or exceeds nationally recognised training standards.

Accreditation promotes accountability. It is the ultimate measure of quality, it is a professional seal of approval that assures clients and employees that the training they are undertaking has met rigorous standards and is a genuine quality assured programme.

Of course, various types of accredited training bring about key sector-specific benefits, but it is also possible to distinguish some more general positive consistencies. Adding accreditation to in-house training benefits the overall image and efficiency of an organisation.

Regulation instils trust.
From an investment perspective, the government and general public are more inclined to capitalise on, associate with and strive to work for accredited companies with a proven reputation of reliability and efficiency. Businesses can attract new clients through the benefits of reducing associated risks of working with non-accredited organisations.

IPS Flow Systems, based in Seaham, Co. Durham have been supplying CPVC fire sprinkler systems for over 25 years and have always put great emphasis on product awareness and installer training.  Kevin Curran, Managing Director said “the company is an active member of BAFSA and we were delighted to support the BAFSA skills and development committee in the development of the L2 Qualification, which is now available in a number of colleges around the UK”.  Kevin went on to say, “being the first to achieve BAFSA course accreditation, is a real achievement and recognises the hard work and commitment of our employees and is something that we are really proud of”.  The company, which was one of the first to gain the prestigious ‘Investor In People’ Gold Award continues to demonstrate the importance of investing in skills and training. 

BAFSA Course Accreditation endorses quality courses, training providers, trainers as well as in-house training schemes for the sector, giving employers and individuals confidence that the training they are considering has been approved by the trade association.

Ruth Oliver, BAFSA Skills and Qualifications Adviser said “BAFSA’s accreditation scheme was developed to allay concerns about the quality of delivery of training within the fire sprinkler industry. It is BAFSA’s intention to recognise high quality training and endorse it with the aim of increasing the availability and quality of training available to everyone who works in the sector. Training is matched to industry standards or best practice, which specify standards of performance that people are expected to achieve and the knowledge and skills they need to perform effectively providing the evidence to providers, trainers, employers and learners that training is being delivered to the highest possible standards. With accredited training, learners have assurance of receiving a quality education as well as gaining recognition by employers.”

To find out more about BAFSA Course Accreditation visit