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Thursday, 11 April 2019

And the winner is........IPS Flow Systems

Kevin Curran, Managing Director IPS Flow Systems with two awards
2018 was a fantastic year for IPS Flow Systems and this was recognised when our Managing Director, Kevin Curran collected two awards while attending an Indutrade BA Flow Group meeting in Sweden today!

Kevin was pleased to accept the awards for Top Performance in 2018 and Top Performing Company over 5 years.  Kevin was quick to point out that this doesn't just happen and thanked all colleagues at IPS for the contribution they have and continue to make towards the success of the company.

The company would also like to thank its customers and supply partners for their continued loyalty and support!

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Raccorderie Metalliche (Racmet) Celebrate 20 Years with the launch of BIM - Are You Ready?

RM Celebrate 20 Years of Press Fittings with the Launch of BIM

This year Raccorderie Metalliche (RM) will celebrate 20 years of press fitting production, introduced in 1999 the range is now at the core of their business, offering some unique and innovative features.

As they celebrate this important milestone, they have completed the development of their BIM (Building Information Modelling) model, available as a free App.  This practical, flexible, innovative and highly professional technology is aimed at designers and allows them to work with great accuracy, with up-to-date, light and compact BIM content.

So what are the advantages?

Design the systems to press quickly and easily
Configure and insert specific pipe fittings, valves and fittings Raccorderie Metalliche in your Revit project, available 100% and ready to order. And all directly from within your project.

Content updated and suitable for your country
Use only updated and localized metal fittings. The integrated MEPcontent Browser library covers a wide range of items ready for use in the BIM process.

More accurate modelling with autorouting
It designs a complete metal fittings system through the autorouting function with extreme precision. Tee's, Bends, Elbows Sockets, reducers and other fittings are automatically inserted while drawing, depending on the desired routing preferences. In addition, when adjusting a plant size (eg diameter), the specific properties (eg item number) are also automatically changed.

Perform advanced connections
Do you want to quickly adjust the most complex connections? The App shows the best solutions available based on truly existing fittings. It is no longer necessary to use custom fittings provided by native Revit.

Draw hoses in half the time
Revit hoses are no longer a problem. It easily designs hose plants with special curves that allow you to draw in all directions, even with a top view, without slowing down the project.

Default schedules
Create Revit schedules with all relevant data such as dimensions, manufacturer data and item numbers. Predefined schedules included in the app (such as cut lists, pipe fittings, and collapsible pipes) come with the latest product data so that you can order the items directly from within Revit.

Further information on the RM Pressfit 

Please call our sale department on  0191 521311 or we can arrange for our Business Development Managers to call to discuss your specific requirements.

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

You're Invited to a Webinar - Kessel BIM - its here to stay

Are you interested in Building Design, do you use BIM - then this webinar is just for you!!

Building Information Modelling is here . . . and it is here to stay. Tune into the Kessel BIM Webinar on April 4 at 09:00 am GMT (10:00 German time) to learn about the KESSEL BIM Selector Program. David Fabian, who is responsible for our their new BIM system, will be presenting the ins and outs of the new BIM system. Is it Revit drawings that you are looking for? Then the KESSEL BIM Selector is for you.

After you have submitted your contact details you will receive an email confirming your registration and shortly before the webinar you will receive a second email with access information to the webinar.

Building information modelling (BIM) provides all those involved in the design of a building access to a common information platform. With the help of this mode, architects, builders and engineers can make the best possible decisions in their area of responsibility during all project phases and make their effects visible to all other parties working on the building.


Kessel provide top quality BIM data for their complete product range. As the files are created in the universal VDI 3805 output format, you can use them to intelligently design buildings with KESSEL drainage solutions in all standard BIM software products. For example, a grease separator model placed in the BIM file automatically determines the dimensions of the necessary inlets, outlets and pressure pipes.

The complete package for designers

The Kessel BIM library provides you with access to all content you require to design KESSEL drainage solutions using building information modelling. With the help of the practical editor "BIM-Selector", you can conveniently call up the data for your product and import it into your BIM software.

  • Geometric Data
    All design-relevant information on the geometric properties of the product. The geometry is simplified as far as possible so that the size of the file is not increased unnecessarily.
  • Technical Data
    All performance data for correct electrical, thermal and safety design with regard to: dimensioning, installation and operation.
  • Commercial Data
    Complete specification texts in the following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch and Polish.